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What Gear Do I Need?


If you are not familiar with what is required, click Here - there are only a few things that you are required to bring with you when taking your CBT. At AvscoBikeCourses we offer trainee's the chance to borrow appropriate safety gear that they may not already own nor want to purchase until they own a motorcycle. This gear includes: A Pair of gloves, a helmet and a textile motorcycle jacket. However, you ARE required to bring with you a study pair of shoes or boots as you will require ankle protection when taking your CBT. You will also need to attend the training with a pair of jeans or motorcycle riding trousers.


To name a few, converse (or similar) shoes and joggers/leggings/tracksuits (or similar) will not be tolerated. This is for your own safety as these clothes are typically paper-thin.  This being said, it is

HIGHLY Recommended that you wear warm clothes when attending your CBT.


How old do I have to be and what can I ride?


As soon as you are 16 (With a provisional license of equivelant) you are eligible for Compulsory Basic Training at ABC. You must at all times display L Plates at the front and rear of whichever motorcycle, scooter or moped you are riding.

There are also two different power categories for those with a CBT:


Aged 16: When you are at the age of 16 and have fully completed your CBT, you will be able to ride a maximum of 49cc 'mopeds'. In this case, 'mopeds' are not actualy 'peds' as scooters are typically known. A moped is legally defined as a two - or three-wheeled vehicle with an engine displacement of no more than 50 cc (3.1 cu in) and a maximum speed of no more than 31MPH.

Aged 17: When you are at the age of 17 and have fully completed your CBT either at the age of 16 or after you turned 17, you are able to ride any moped, Scooter or motorcycle with a displacement of no more than 125cc. There is no max speed as such for what you are able to ride at 17 on a CBT, although what you ride has to be restricted to: 125cc Engine and with a power output of 11 kw (14.6 bhp) - Your motorcycles max speed will vary depending on build, weight, manufacturer and other factors. Although 125cc's typically reach no more than 70 MPH due to the restrictions put in place.


Can I ride a geared motorcycle if my CBT was on a Scooter/Automatic?


​Yes! Whether it is automatic or geared is irrelevant. All that matters is that it falls within the correct power category for your age. However, if you received no training on Geared bikes while doing your CBT, it is highly recommended by both the DVLA, Law Enforcement Agencies and motorcycle riders all over the country that you receive further training before getting on the road. This is ofcourse for your own safety.


However, times are changing and not all knowledge has to be learned face to face. You may if you so wish, do your own research online regarding gears and gear shifting.


If even after that you are having some trouble or just aren't 100% sure you know well enough to go out on your own, Contact Us For further training.


Can i go on long distance journeys?


(Motorways, Dual Carriageways, A Roads etc)


short answer: Not really, no.

Long answer: Ofcourse you can! Although, when riding on a CBT you are restricted from having enough power, experience and training to safely ride on the motorway - it is for this reason that CBT Riders are not able to legally enter a motorway.


HOWEVER, you are definitely able to make use of Dual Carriageways and A-Roads. Please be aware though that these roads typically have a high speed limit that your engine may not be capable of reaching. Also note that because of this, there are a large amount of drivers on the road who will want to get as far ahead of you as they can so as to prevent being slowed down by you.


It is recommended that you remain in the left-most lane so that drivers can easily overtake you without putting you in danger. Also ensure you perform necessary checks (Life savers, mirrors) before changing lane.


For directions with this in mind, google maps has the option to filter out 'highways' when finding directions to/from places. This only filters Motorways from your directions and will leave in dual carriageways and A Roads.


I Have a full car license. Do i need a CBT?


You may have heard from others that if you drive a car, you will not need to take a CBT to ride small motorcycles. This is both true and untrue.


If you passed your car test before the 1st February 2001 you can ride a 50cc moped without taking a CBT. However we will always advise to receive some form of training before venturing out on 2 wheels.  There is no requirement to ride with ‘L’ plates. Carrying passengers/pillions is also allowed but you will not be able to ride on motorways.

If you passed your car test after 1st February 2001 you will be legally required to take a CBT, your CBT certificate will then give you a full moped licence entitlement to ride a 50cc moped on your car licence. You will also be able to ride without ‘L’ plates and carry passengers/pillions but you will not be allowed to ride on motorways.

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